[pulseaudio-discuss] How to disable switch on HDMI audio output ?

Alex ARNAUD alexarnaud at hypra.fr
Fri Mar 1 11:15:54 UTC 2019

Hello all,

As stated in the title, I'm looking for a way to disable switch on HDMI 
audio output.

My goal is to help visual-impaired and blind people to keep their sound 
working on the laptop output even if the HDMI output doesn't work. Blind 
people only rely on speech synthesis and so PulseAudio to use their 

Before asking you this question I've made lot of search on the internet 
and I've tried to comment this option on the file default.pa
> load-module module-switch-on-port-available
Indeed it prevents to switch on HDMI but it also prevents to switch on 
plugged earphone into jack port. I only want to disable switch on HDMI 

Do you know how to disable switch only on HDMI audio output ?

Best regards,

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