[pulseaudio-discuss] [ANNOUNCE] pavucontrol 4.0

Tanu Kaskinen tanuk at iki.fi
Tue Mar 5 16:12:31 UTC 2019

It's announcement time!

It's been a while, a long while, since the last pavucontrol release.
Almost four years, says the thing that counts time. Today we can reset
that thing! Pavucontrol 4.0 is here! Woo!

These are the main changes:

 * There can now be only one pavucontrol window open at a time.
   Trying to start pavucontrol for a second time brings the
   first window to foreground.

 * Added a "Show volume meters" checkbox to the Configuration
   tab. Disabling the volume meters reduces CPU use.

 * Improved the use of space (removed useless margins and

 * A more appropriate icon for the channel lock button.

 * Better channel label layout, prevents volume sliders from
   getting unaligned.

 * Maximum latency offset increased from 2 to 5 seconds to
   accommodate AirPlay devices that often have higher latency
   than 2 seconds (this is not that useful on newer PulseAudio
   versions, though, because the latency is reported much more
   accurately than before).

 * New --version command line option.

 * New translations: Chinese (Taiwan), Croatian, Korean,
   Norwegian Nynorsk, Lithuanian, Valencian.

 * Updated translations: Finnish, French, German, Italian,
   Japanese, Polish, Swedish.

 * Dropped support for GTK 2.

 * Bumped the minimum supported libpulse version to 5.0.

 * Improved compatibility with newer Glade versions.

Big thanks to all contributors!

The tarball:
SHA256: 8fc45bac9722aefa6f022999cbb76242d143c31b314e2dbb38f034f4069d14e2

---- git shortlog ----

Anders Jonsson (2):
      main: Fix typo
      i18n: update the Swedish translation

Andreas Rönnquist (1):
      Remove closing window by pressing Esc

Antonio Ospite (2):
      i18n: Some fixes for the Italian translation
      i18n: improve one Italian string

Arun Raghavan (5):
      build-sys: Depend on libpulse >= 5.0
      build-sys: Use C++11 for building
      doc: Update link to git repository
      build-sys: Add m4 file for AX_CXX_COMPILE_STDCXX_11
      mainwindow: Don't add a border on the outermost vbox

Bruno Duyé (1):
      i18n: "Définir comme alternative" means "Set as an alternative" ...

Colin Leroy (2):
      devicewidget: Set latency offset's maximum to 5000ms
      Implement single-launch with Gtk::Application

David Kreuter (1):
      mainwindow: unavailable profiles are marked as such in their description

Felipe Sateler (1):
      mainwindow: force icons to have sane size

Jose A. Múrcia (1):
      i18n: add Valencian translation

Jung-Kyu Park (1):
      i18n: add Korean translation

Karl Ove Hufthammer (3):
      i18n: Add Norwegian Nynorsk translation
      channelwidget: Make volume strings translatable and add missing
      i18n: Update Norwegian Nynorsk translations

Lukas K (1):
      Add checkbutton for disabling volume meters

Masato Hashimoto (1):
      i18n: update the Japanese translation

Nikita Zlobin (1):
      UI form enhancement

Paul W. Frields (1):
      Use freedesktop.org standard icon name

Peter Meerwald (1):
      Add --version command line option

Pino Toscano (1):
      Remove Encoding key from .desktop file

Piotr Drąg (5):
      i18n: Updated Polish translation
      i18n: update Polish translation
      i18n: move Valencian translation to the standard language code
      i18n: update Polish translation
      i18n: update Polish translation

Tanu Kaskinen (24):
      .gitignore: add compile
      README: update links
      pavucontrol.glade: use a more appropriate icon for the channel lock button
      remove unnecessary RefPtr wrapping of PavuApplication
      remove unnecessary Window -> MainWindow casting
      update repository links to GitLab
      pavuapplication: initialize members in the constructor
      move some widget initializations from MinimalStreamWidget to subclasses
      rename more objects in the quest to get rid of duplicate IDs
      pavucontrol.glade: object renames automatically done by Glade
      pavucontrol.glade: changes automatically done by Glade
      drop gtk2 support
      README: remove the copyright notice
      README: add "Bug Reports" and "Contributing Code" sections
      README: remove the "Acknowledgements" section
      README: remove reference to an ancient Debian version
      README: remove the page footer
      README: add a news item for the upcoming release
      pavucontrol.glade: right-align channel labels
      channelwidget: refactor to reduce repetition
      channelwidget: ensure that all channel labels have the same width
      README: a couple of edits for the 4.0 changelog
      i18n: add zh_TW to LINGUAS
      prepare for releasing 4.0

Thomas Lange (1):
      i18n: update German translation

Tuure Savuoja (1):
      i18n: update Finnish (fi) translation for "set as fallback"

Yi-Jyun Pan (1):
      Update Headers

Yuri Chornoivan (1):
      i18n: add Lithuanian translation

muzena (1):
      i18n: add Croatian translation

pan93412 (1):
      Update Chinese (Taiwan) Translation



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