[pulseaudio-discuss] Early steps for an investigation (stuttering)

Georg Chini georg at chini.tk
Fri Nov 1 20:32:27 UTC 2019

On 01.11.19 16:28, eblanca at libero.it wrote:
> My laptop suffers from audio stuttering (it's been a while, now) but
> I'm not very sure about the root reason and so I'm here. OS is LMDE 3
> x64 (Debian Stretch based) with latest updates, it ships with
> pulseaudio 10.0.
> Hardware is based on an intel i5 with integrated audio
> device (I can provide further details if needed) but also an external
> USB card, suffering the same audio issue.
> Now, the issue itself is not
> easy to reproduce, as it is randomly appearing but it is an audio
> stuttering, it lasts some 200 ms of repeated sound, happening (about)
> every ten minutes, it is very annoying. In the last few days I played
> youtube videos using firefox (stuttering appears) and played a Windows
> game using wine (stuttering appears). Further, I can tweak a bit mpv
> and deadbeef: well, when using pulseaudio output both stutter, but if I
> forward output directly to alsa driver then I have no stuttering
> anymore.
> So, can I say pulseaudio is causing my issue? And if I can,
> should I fix this by tweaking pulseaudio settings? Or should I first
> update pulseaudio perhaps?
> Elio

I would recommend upgrading to 13.0. Also you could try
to load module-udev-detect with tsched=0. Do you get any
log messages when the stuttering appears?

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