[pulseaudio-discuss] speech synthesizers and Pulseaudio

Mgr. Janusz Chmiel janusz.chmiel at volny.cz
Mon Oct 7 17:15:54 UTC 2019

Dear users and Pulseaudio sound server developers,

I have worked with Linux from The time, when Ubuntu 7.04 has been released. In this times, Gnome have contained Pulseaudio sound server. I have started to be sad, that this excellent sound server, which has so many qualities, had issues with Espeak speech synthesizer. In The times, when Gnome-speech services have existed, the reactivity between key press and Espeak speech have been The fastest. But when The time had gone by so fast, programmers have stopped to use Gnome speech services and this system have been replaced by The Speech-dispatcher speech server in Ubuntu and Debian and other distros.
Even from The time, when Ubuntu 7.04 has been released, one big problem had persisted.
If system run for more and more time, even if user do not use his sound device at all, Speech start to be cutter and electric sounds are incorporated to Espeak output. Even if I switch Speech-dispatcher server from Pulseaudio to Libao, some speech problems persists.
My plea is as follows.
Does somebody of Pulseaudio core developers would have A some suggestions, which can be applied by every Linux user where Pulseaudio run, so this issues could gone for ever?
I have compared it with latest Knoppix iso image from Mr Professor Klaus Knopper from Germany. He has prepared his distribution based on Alsa and pulseaudio sound server does not run as a process in ram. What could I do to improve Pulseaudio so it would enable Espeak speech engines users to have so high quality speech output as ALSA without Pulseaudio can provide?
I AM aware many thousands programmers work which all engaged volunteers to Pulseaudio project have invested. I also know that visually impaired users are very small minority among Pulseaudio users. I really want to constructively help to improve Pulseaudio, so speech quality will be better and better while using it with Espeak speech engine.
The most important informatics questions are.
What would be the most simple to improve?
The source code of Espeak engine and its dependencies? Or Speech-dispatcher itself
or if something could be done to make Pulseaudio more compatible with Espeak and Speech-dispatcher speech server.

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