[pulseaudio-discuss] pulseaudio 13.0 and gitlabs account issues

Steve Cahill stevmc at gmail.com
Wed Oct 9 16:57:58 UTC 2019

*gitlab account subscription unsuccessful - multiple attempts for bug

I subscribed to this list because I am throwing in the towel
(read: giving up) trying to register a new account with GIT labs. I suspect
that there must be an issue with my email address but I really have no clue
why I cannot successfully log into gitlabs.com after several attempts of
establishing an account. Chromium browser maybe?

All this is in an effort to report a bug/issue with pulseaudio 13.0 in the
KDE desktop with my Nvidia hardware. The below issue is resolved only by
downgrading to pulseaudio 12.2

The situation is the following:

My hardware/PC is relatively new with an Nvidia graphics card which
requires the Nvidia proprietary driver/kernel-modules for porting audio out
to my HDMI display.

Graphics card: Nvidia GeForce 1030GT
CPU/Motherboard: AMD Ryzen 1700X/MSI X470 Gaming Pro
OS: Slackware64-current kernel version 4.19.73 - 4.19.77
Desktop: KDE4 & KDE5 (Slackware64-Current with Plasma5)

Issue is described below in the post to the linuxquestions.org on 9/18/19:
*I updated **my *64-current yesterday and the upgrade included the new
pulseaudio_13.0 package. This broke the nvidia driver/kernel sound even
after rebuilding/reinstalling these packages with the new kernel v4.19.73.
The MO was the Audio Setup GUI (Phonon multimedia framework) no longer
displayed my nvidia hardware but displayed only the Pulseaudio Server
instead. I was able to get sound out but only via the "Test" play button
and only in my User account (not root!). The KDE Workspace Notifications
setting no longer played sounds (login etc) or any other player/device for
that matter - again sound only functioned in the KDE Audio GUI test mode.
My first thought was this was an issue with the new kernel. This was not
the case. I solved the issue by downgrading the Pulseaudio package to the
previous version (12.2) which worked just fine in the 4.19.69 kernel.*

Below is some debugging output which was requested:

*root at kiai1:~# cat /proc/asound/cards0 [NVidia ]: HDA-Intel - HDA NVidiaHDA
NVidia at 0xf7080000 irq 541 [Generic ]: HDA-Intel - HD-Audio
GenericHD-Audio Generic at 0xf7700000 irq 56root at kiai1:~# cat
/proc/asound/pcm00-03: HDMI 0 : HDMI 0 : playback 100-07: HDMI 1 : HDMI 1 :
playback 101-00: ALC1220 Analog : ALC1220 Analog : playback 1 : capture
101-01: ALC1220 Digital : ALC1220 Digital : playback 101-02: ALC1220 Alt
Analog : ALC1220 Alt Analog : capture 1root at kiai1:~# pacmd list-cardsNo
PulseAudio daemon running, or not running as session
daemon.root at kiai1:/usr/bin# pacmd list-sinksNo PulseAudio daemon running,
or not running as session daemon.*

Enabling the daemon (/etc/rc.d/rc.pulseaudio start) gives the same output
most likely because we are not executing '/usr/bin/start-pulseaudio-x11'
either with KDE.

One other suggestion was to rebuild the pulseaudio 13.0 package in the
native OS (with source/Slackbuild script.) I did this and installed the
newly built package but this did not resolve the above sound issue with
pulseaudio 13.0

Can someone kindly report the above bug for me since I cannot seem to
establish an account with gitlabs.com?

Also if someone can give me contact information at gitlabs to resolve the
aforementioned account issues that would be much appreciated.

Thank you,
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