[pulseaudio-discuss] rtp delay after resume from suspend

NicoHood pulseaudio-discuss at nicohood.de
Fri Mar 27 16:50:33 UTC 2020

i have problems with pulse audio after my pc wakes up from
sleep/suspend. I use the rtp transmitter and receiver modules on the
mentioned pc, as well as other rtp receiver instances on other computers
in the local network.

After waking up my pc from sleep/suspend, I have to manually deactivate
and restart the transmitter each time, otherwise I have a delay between
the transmitter and the media player controls, as well as between the
rtp receiver of the pc itself and the rtp receivers in the network.

I came across the following tutorial:

However, this has 2 problems:
1) "/usr/bin/pasuspender /bin/true" repairs the sound on the woken up
pc, but all other rtp receivers still have the delay.
2. "%U" is resolved to 0 and not 1000, which is why the service does
currently not work correctly as it is.

Does anybody know a better solution to reload the rtp modules after a
standby, or is there a fix in progress?


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