[pulseaudio-discuss] Profile for 8x8 soundcard

Michal Souček Sukina.cz at seznam.cz
Mon Mar 30 13:56:25 UTC 2020

Hello. I'm trying to use PA with my sound card M-Audio Fast Track Ultra 8R. 
It is 19" rack-mounted soundcard with 8 inputs and 8 output channels, 
internal DSP with few effects and possibility to route any of (analog) input
or (digital) output to any of analog outputs. 

Right now, after connecting it to PC and running PA, I can set two variants 
of configuration: either 7.1 output or "multichannel input". When used just 
for stereo output, it works great. But, even I can connect 8 microphones and
8 separate speaker paths, I'm not able to make a conference call as with PA,
I can use it only as a input, or output. Not both at one time. Nor I can use
different channel mapping, like using 1/2 for speakers, 3/4 for headphones, 
5/6 for recording something and 7/8 as other speakers (just an example). The
same is with inputs - I would expect some kind of configuration like, for 
example, "Input N - Microphone", "Input 3/4 - stereo line in". I believe you
will understand what I mean. This is, by the way, how it works in Windows 
(but I don't want to use Windows).

So, I decided to roll up my own soundcard profile. And, that's why I'm 
writing here. Because I'm confused and after lot of hours, I wasn't able to 
figure out anything. I can make one (or maybe more) profile to be displayed 
in PAVC, but then, it's not possible to play anything. Mainly, I don't 
understand the concept of "paths" and why/how it relies on amixer controls 
(as a control does not represent any output sometimes) and how to map 
specific output. Basically, I don't need/want to change internal mixer 
values nor effect section. 

I tried to search documentation, but it seems non-comprehensive enough for 
my case. I tried asking on few places, but without success, so this is 
probably the last place, where I'm trying my luck.

I wish you a nice day. 

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