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Sun Oct 18 20:39:04 UTC 2020


I am running pulseaudio 13.0.5 on Debian testing.

My system has two sets of speakers connected to it, one via hdmi, the other via an analog 3.5mm jack.

My problem is now that pulseaudio does not properly reconnect an application to the analog output, so e.g. when I play music via "mpc play", move the output to the analog-speakers, stop mpd play and start it again it plays again on the hdmi-output (so the previous output to the analog-output is not restored).

I have experimented a little bit with it and the problem seems to be that pulseaudio displays all profiles for the analog-device as "unplugged" in pavucontrol.
So I assume pulseaudio does not reconnect to the previous sink because it probably sees the sink as "unplugged" and therefore unavalable with probably makes sense.

The thing is now that when I connect my headphones to this 3.5mm jack pulseaudio has no problems (the sink is not "unplugged") and everything works as expected, however when I plug a set of speakers into this jack, pulseaudio for whatever reason sees this as "unplugged" and the above problem occurs (but sound output  as such works).

My questions:

How does pulseaudio detect an "unplugged" jack?
How can I teach pulseaudio that there is indeed something connected to this jack when it's own detection gets it wrong?

Many thanks!
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