[pulseaudio-discuss] CGroup integration for settings.

Sławomir Lach slawek at lach.art.pl
Wed Jan 27 14:02:32 UTC 2021

It will be sensible to add a way to configure program before it was running.

Best example is a script, which will start play program to play sound, but 
when event occurred (for example file is created). It's hard to achieve and I 
cannot simply configure play program, because I possibly want to use play in 
different scenarios.

Solution is:
1. Add a way to configure pulseaudio in per-cgroup maner. This configuration 
cannot be persident. 
2. Add simple tool to run task in a new cgroup and return this cgroup it, so 
user could add configuration for this cgroup (another way is to create tool, 
which show configuration dialog and when user accept, it start given command 
in new associated cgroup)

Maybe allow to make this configuration persident? Just save it to file and 

What to configure? I wanna to play music in one room, but want to play program 
plays notification in different room.

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