xc/lib/font/FreeType/ in "XORG-RELEASE-1"-branch differs from Xfree86 trunk...

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Sun Mar 14 09:19:19 PST 2004

Around 20 o'clock on Mar 14, Chisato Yamauchi wrote:

>  - My code checks the existence of the embedded bitmap.
>  - Your code checks that the font is non-scalabe(pcf or bdf). 

Yes (although I have .ttf files which are non-scalable as well).

>  The `very lazy' method can be used only when the font data 
> is outline(of TrueType or OpenType).

Ok.  Perhaps I didn't understand the code well enough then.  It looked to 
me like any bitmap font needed to go through the slower path.  Your test 
was exact (for TTF fonts), using the faster path precisely when the 
outlines were used.  My test is less precise, it uses the faster path 
only when the font couldn't possibly have bitmaps. 

I believe that the result will be that my test executes the slower path
for all fonts which have bitmaps while your test executes the slower path
only when actually using said bitmaps.

>  Although I looked for the public method by which we check
> the existence of embedded bitmap, I was not able to find it.

I think your test is not for the existence of embedded bitmaps, but whether
those bitmaps are actually in use.  My test detects the presence of any 

I believe that my test will generate the right results, but it will be
slower in the case where a font has embedded bitmaps that aren't used.


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