bugzilla entries for the X11R6.7 release

Harold L Hunt II harold at codeweavers.com
Mon Mar 29 20:53:38 PST 2004

Jim Gettys wrote:

> I spent a lot of time this afternoon working on the components.
> Please take a look at what is there now and let me know what you
> think should change.

Heh... your email from 9:30 PM didn't sound like you had done anything 
yet "Yes, these components are clearly bogus.  We need a better list. I 
can add them if someone tells me what to add.".  :)

Looking at the new list, I think that Cygwin/cygwin isn't really needed 
anymore since there are no remaining known bugs caused by the weirdness 
of Cygwin.  Just as there isn't a Linux/linux component, there probably 
shouldn't be a Cygwin/cygwin component.  If someone reports a bug to 
Foo/bar and it starts sounding fishy and the user happens to be on 
Cygwin, then I could be CC'd to weigh in or take over... other than that 
it should be just a generic bug that they have found.

I still think that "server" is too generic and that in this area the 
user should specify at least what ddx they are running since a problem 
in darwin proper is of no concern to people working on other ddxs.

I think that "Server/general", "Server/cygwin", "Server/darwin", etc. 
would be a good start.  If a user files something in "Server/cygwin" 
that I determine to be generic to all ddxs (e.g. os, dix, or Xext bug) 
then I can just refile it to "Server/general"; the same goes for if a 
user files a bug against any other ddx, just change the component if it 
sounds generic.

What do you think?


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