[Roadster] re:unable to compile on gcc 4.1

Barry Gould mailinglists at pennysaverusa.net
Thu Jun 8 16:27:52 PDT 2006

Has anyone got roadster compiling on GCC 4.1 / Fedora 5 yet?


At 09:51 PM 4/12/2006, Barry Gould wrote:
>Sorry, I forgot to mention versions of relevant software:
>(I know this version of mysql may be missing the embedded stuff... 
>I'll fix that if it comes up)
>>Hi, I just updated my laptop from Fedora FC4 to FC5, and roadster 
>>no longer worked.
>>Initially, I did a cvs update and make clean and ./configure and 
>>make, but that got errors about "no rule to make target..." so I 
>>did a clean checkout, re-ran autogen.sh, and ran make.
>>now, it gets lots of errors about anonymous structs and fails to 
>>compile (output below)
>>Has anyone gotten this to work on FC5 or GCC 4.1?
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