[SCIM] SCIM and Opera with Mandrake 10.1

Marc Nino Cellucci marc at tiger-marmalade.com
Sat Oct 2 15:43:31 UTC 2004

Hi everyone, 

I recently installed Mandrake 10.1, which came with SCIM.  I use both English 
and Japanese input, and SCIM is a godsend!  I love not having to switch 
locales and all that.

SCIM seems to work well with every program I use... except the Opera web 
browser.  Whenever I do the keystroke to launch the SCIM input method, it 
doesn't pop up. I checked to make sure there are no keystroke conflicts, and 
it still doesn't work. I just can't get SCIM to pop up. 

Furthermore, if I pop SCIM up manually (via the systray icon), it'll bring up 
the SCIM interface, but it won't let me input Japanese in Opera. Only the 
default English comes out. 

By the way, SCIM works fine in Mozilla and Konqueror. 

Does anyone know how to get SCIM (or any other external input method) to work 
with Opera? I've already posted this question in the Opera forums (no answer 
as of yet), but I was wondering if anyone on this mailing list knew the 



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