[SCIM] How to create a new IME on Linux in about 15 minutes with SCIM and m17n

David david at plm11.pl
Tue Oct 5 08:33:42 UTC 2004

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LiuCougar wrote:

>Do you mind to make a html version of this doc? Maybe in scim wiki homepage?
Of course. (I will have to register in Wiki) But in this case I think I 
would like to polish it a little and maybe finish the *.mim file to see 
whether any additional problems arise. And to hear some criticism from 
the list. It is just the first step and I am sure many things for sure 
can be done better.

I think it might also be helpful to give a few more examples of what can 
be achieved with m17n. It may encourage people to use it.

>I think it would be helpful if you supply x-sampa.mim for user to download ;)
Of course :-). I am still thinking whether it should be classical 
X-SAMPA or the Conlang mailing list variant.  The modified variant is 
more clearly described and has some extensions. It has also libraries in 
Perl and other languages to convert to unicode - I mean it has users who 
may be interested in the mim file. For me it is just a quick solution to 
conveniently input IPA on the webpage :-) Better Conlang description 
means I can create the mim file more quickly :-)

Give me a few days to play a little :-)

Best regards,

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