[SCIM] Simple hangul for scim-tables

David david at plm11.pl
Wed Oct 6 06:38:11 PDT 2004

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I did some tests to learn how to create input method with scim-tables. 
The description of it is here: 

The by-product of this tests is a korean input based on transcription. I 
was following the transcription rules for IIIMF simple hangul explaind 
on this page: http://www3.sympatico.ca/d.moser/hangul.html

Lacking the hangul-transcription table, I generated one with a small 
Perl script from hangul.txt.in source code.

The result seems OK. Of course it is not convenient enough for native 
user, but may be useful for westerners inputting korean occasionally.

How it looks like? For example, to get "안녕하세요。요즈음 어떻게 지내십 
니까?" I have to type "annyeongha seyo.yojeueum eo Deohge ji nae sibni 

I think it could be greatly improved by either extending the table or 
adding some "smart" functions to allow for example such input as 
"annyeonghaseyo. yojeueum eoDeohge jinaesibniGa?". For the moment it is 
not that smart ;-).

Anyone interested to give it a critical try?

And I have a question. Anyone can explain what is this section for?


It is in table src file.

Best regards,

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