[SCIM] Writing Akkadian in SCIM is possible!

David david at plm11.pl
Sat Oct 9 18:19:01 PDT 2004

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Well, this is probabely nothing exciting for you, but anyway I am going 
to share the results of my tests with you.

It is possible to use unicode plane 1 with scim-tables!

My hobby these days is to play with cineiform support. Cuneiform is 
proposed to be encoded in Plane 1. It starts with hex 12000.

There are problems with support for plane 1 - for example no KDE editor  
works with it. Neither does OpenOffice.

However, Firefox and Thunderbird do.  It means it is already an 
interesting possibility, as collaboration of scholars in internet is 
possible right now - you can setup CMS (web input possible with SCIM and 
Firefox) and exchange mails (Thunderbird support).

I must tell you it is exciting to open your mail program, press 
CTRL-space, write in Akkadian and send mail, and just to open your mail 
in the other box, read and reply in Akkadian with equal ease.

I think I will start learning Akkadian :-) When I have some more 
characters in my font, we have to publish a screenshot of e-mail input 
in Akkadian with SCIM. It looks cute.  What do you think?


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