[SCIM] How to input both Simplified and Traditional Chinese withScim

Rodolfo Medina romeomedina at libero.it
Sat Oct 16 11:09:11 PDT 2004

Hi, all.

>I'm brand new to Scim.
>I've just installed it in order to input chinese characters.
>If anybody could be so kind to give me some help:
>why in the Smart Pinyin menu only Simplified Chinese does appear?
>and how to have also Traditional, in order to input both?

I hadn't realised that, but actually I was able to input Traditional
just selecting the proper input method in the Smart Pinyin toolbar.
So, it is o.k. now.

Since I've installed scim, however,
when I log into Linux, after typing the password and ENTER,
and before starting KDE,
the following message appears:

        Already in UTF8 mode

In fact, some Italian characters I can't input when I edit any file.
Can anyone suggest how to avoid that?


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