[SCIM] Viqr table

Kenichi Handa handa at m17n.org
Mon Oct 11 22:13:15 PDT 2004

In article <278a3d0410101936d0addcf at mail.gmail.com>, Zhe Su <james.su at gmail.com> writes:

>   It's impossible for scim table. scim table only accepts ASCII chars
> as input. Maybe m17n can do this.

Yes, but for that, scim has to call minput_filter with a
symbol representing a key.  For deadcircumflex, as it's X
keysym is XK_dead_circumflex, the corresponding symbol is
got by "msymbol (XKeysymToString (XK_dead_circumflex))".  If
scim does that, and vi-viqr.mim contains the rule
((dead_circumflex ?e ?.) "ệ"), it should work.

Ken'ichi HANDA
handa at m17n.org

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