[SCIM] Simple hangul for scim-tables

Choe Hwanjin krisna at kldp.org
Fri Oct 22 06:29:28 PDT 2004

On Fri, Oct 22, 2004 at 08:13:34PM +0900, Kenichi Handa wrote:
> In article <20041022103850.GA4838 at nivea>, Choe Hwanjin <krisna at kldp.org> writes:
> > I already made a new convention on it.
> > I think pressing '~' before vowel to input only vowel is too inconvenient.
> > How about to type in upper letters?
> > You can input 'ㅏ' by typing 'A'
> > This is alreay applied to my HangulRomaja.txt.
> In my experience with Japanese inputting, it's very
> convenient to keep uppercase letters for inputting an
> abbreviation (e.g. IBM, GTK, SCIM) along with Japanese text
> without toggling input method.  Isn't it the same with
> Korean?

Oh, I have never think about such use :)
Almost every korean users does not expect to input english letters on
korean mode.

> >>  Then you should be able to select M17N-ko-romaja.
> > I tested this table. But I cannot input hangul correctly.
> > When I type 'annyeongha', it shows 'ㅏn영ㅎh아'.
> > I think there is a problem in m17n table routine.
> > When I type 'g', it immediately commit 'ㄱg'. This is not right.
> > It should show preedit string 'ㄱ'.
> > This problem also happened on m17n-ko-hangul2.
> Hmmm, it seems something is wrong with your m17n-lib.  What
> version is it?  I can't reproduce it here with the latest
> one.  Does it happen when you type Hangul with medit (a
> sample program distributed with the m17n-lib)?

Same thing happens on medit with ko-hangul2 and ko-romaja

I'm using Debian sid and m17n versions are:
libm17n-0      1.1.0-2
libm17n-dev    1.1.0-2
m17n-db        1.1.0-1
m17n-lib-bin   1.1.0-2

> ---
> Ken'ichi HANDA
> handa at m17n.org

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