[Spice-commits] Changes to 'refs/tags/0.5.2'

Alexander Larsson alexl at kemper.freedesktop.org
Thu Jul 8 13:44:50 PDT 2010

Tag '0.5.2' created by Alexander Larsson <alexl at redhat.com> at 2010-07-08 21:27 -0700

Release 0.5.2

Changes since the dawn of time:
Alexander Larsson (50):
      Import all protocol headers from spice/common
      Add MIT style COPYING file
      Add standard header for defining core types
      Use spice/types.h and its types
      Add standard header for structure packing
      Add standard memory barrier header
      Use <spice/barrier.h> memory barrier
      Add utility script to do C identifier renaming
      Clean up all network protocol names to start with Spice/SPICE_
      Rename all identifiers
      Clean up header names, removing references to "red"
      Clean up and standardize header guards
      Hide internal macros with _SPICE prefix
      Always include using <spice/foo.h> style
      Add autoconf and pkg-config setup
      Add gitignore file
      Fix up SPICE_SPICE typo
      fix up reames
      Add includes.sed file to handle include renaming
      Disable warning about our use of pragma pack in include file
      Add a bunch of generically useful macros
      Use int32, not int in protocol defining structure
      Bump minor to 3
      Make pci id be 0x1ff rev 1, for unstable work
      Add surface type enum
      Add some comment describing the bitmap formats
      Pass format when creating surfaces rather than depth
      Add source/dest alpha information to AlphaBlend
      Add image flag for "all high bits are set to one"
      Add byteswapping macros
      Fix some misspelled identifiers
      Add some types needed by the demarshalling work
      Move all enums and flags to generated header file
      Move all message structs to spice
      Remove duplicated enums for keyboard modifiers
      Reset minor to 0 as we're bumping major
      Remove SPICE_CLIP_TYPE_PATH enum.
      Change SpicePath.size to SpicePath.num_segments
      Simplify SpiceLineAttr by removing unused elements and enums
      Don't make SpicePath.segment a SpicePathSeg
      Update SpicePath.segments to a pointer array
      Use QXLFIXED, not SPICE_FIXED28_4 in qxl_dev.h
      Make SpiceLineAttr.style a normal pointer
      Add QXLCursorHeader and use instead of SpiceCursorHeader in qxl
      Move spice/draw.h to spice
      List all the PCI ids and revisions instead of just the latest/current
      Include enums.h from qxl_dev.h
      Fix misspellings
      Update NEWS for release

Gerd Hoffmann (23):
      make unstable qxl compatible with 0.4 qxl
      qxl abi: add AlphaBlnd.
      qxl abi: add Fill.
      qxl abi: add Opaque.
      qxl abi: add Copy+Blend.
      qxl abi: add QXLTransparent
      qxl abi: add QXLRop3
      qxl abi: add QXLStroke
      qxl abi: add QXLText
      qxl abi: add QXLBlackness+QXLInvers+QXLWhiteness
      qxl abi: add QXLQMask
      qxl abi: add QXLBrush
      qxl abi: add QXLPattern
      qxl abi: add QXLLineAttr
      qxl abi: add QXLClip
      qxl abi: add QXLPoint & friends
      qxl abi: add QXLRect
      qxl abi: zap SPICE_ADDRESS for clip rects and paths.
      make SpiceRect compatible with pixman_box32
      Update SpiceString to use an array of pointers for glyphs
      qxl abi: Add QXLImage and & co
      place pkgconfig file in /usr/share

Izik Eidus (2):
      spice-protocl: add spice_msg_display_surface_create/destroy
      spice-protocol off screens supports

Yonit Halperin (4):
      add image type for jpeg
      cache support for replacing images that were compressed using jpeg with lossless images
      add image type for images that are compressed by zlib after they have been compressed by glz
      add image type for RGBA bitmaps that were compressed by a combination of JPEG (RGB) and LZ (alpha channel).

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