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Attila Sukosd attila.sukosd at gmail.com
Thu Jul 22 01:02:36 PDT 2010

On Thu, Jul 8, 2010 at 10:44 PM, Alexander Larsson <
alexl at kemper.freedesktop.org> wrote:

> Tag '0.5.2' created by Alexander Larsson <alexl at redhat.com> at 2010-07-08
> 21:27 -0700
> Release 0.5.2
> Changes since the dawn of time:
> Alexander Larsson (50):
>      Import all protocol headers from spice/common
>      Add MIT style COPYING file
>      Add standard header for defining core types
>      Use spice/types.h and its types
>      Add standard header for structure packing
>      Add standard memory barrier header
>      Use <spice/barrier.h> memory barrier
>      Add utility script to do C identifier renaming
>      Clean up all network protocol names to start with Spice/SPICE_
>      Rename all identifiers
>      Clean up header names, removing references to "red"
>      Clean up and standardize header guards
>      Hide internal macros with _SPICE prefix
>      Always include using <spice/foo.h> style
>      Add autoconf and pkg-config setup
>      Add gitignore file
>      Fix up SPICE_SPICE typo
>      fix up reames
>      Add includes.sed file to handle include renaming
>      Disable warning about our use of pragma pack in include file
>      Add a bunch of generically useful macros
>      Use int32, not int in protocol defining structure
>      Bump minor to 3
>      Make pci id be 0x1ff rev 1, for unstable work
>      Add surface type enum
>      Add some comment describing the bitmap formats
>      Pass format when creating surfaces rather than depth
>      Add source/dest alpha information to AlphaBlend
>      Add image flag for "all high bits are set to one"
>      Add byteswapping macros
>      Fix some misspelled identifiers
>      Add some types needed by the demarshalling work
>      Move all enums and flags to generated header file
>      Move all message structs to spice
>      Remove duplicated enums for keyboard modifiers
>      Reset minor to 0 as we're bumping major
>      Remove SPICE_CLIP_TYPE_PATH enum.
>      Change SpicePath.size to SpicePath.num_segments
>      Simplify SpiceLineAttr by removing unused elements and enums
>      Don't make SpicePath.segment a SpicePathSeg
>      Update SpicePath.segments to a pointer array
>      Use QXLFIXED, not SPICE_FIXED28_4 in qxl_dev.h
>      Make SpiceLineAttr.style a normal pointer
>      Add QXLCursorHeader and use instead of SpiceCursorHeader in qxl
>      Move spice/draw.h to spice
>      List all the PCI ids and revisions instead of just the latest/current
>      Include enums.h from qxl_dev.h
>      Fix misspellings
>      Update NEWS for release
> Gerd Hoffmann (23):
>      make unstable qxl compatible with 0.4 qxl
>      qxl abi: add AlphaBlnd.
>      qxl abi: add Fill.
>      qxl abi: add Opaque.
>      qxl abi: add Copy+Blend.
>      qxl abi: add QXLTransparent
>      qxl abi: add QXLRop3
>      qxl abi: add QXLStroke
>      qxl abi: add QXLText
>      qxl abi: add QXLBlackness+QXLInvers+QXLWhiteness
>      qxl abi: add QXLQMask
>      qxl abi: add QXLBrush
>      qxl abi: add QXLPattern
>      qxl abi: add QXLLineAttr
>      qxl abi: add QXLClip
>      qxl abi: add QXLPoint & friends
>      qxl abi: add QXLRect
>      qxl abi: zap SPICE_ADDRESS for clip rects and paths.
>      make SpiceRect compatible with pixman_box32
>      Update SpiceString to use an array of pointers for glyphs
>      qxl abi: Add QXLImage and & co
>       place pkgconfig file in /usr/share
> Izik Eidus (2):
>      spice-protocl: add spice_msg_display_surface_create/destroy
>      spice-protocol off screens supports
> Yonit Halperin (4):
>      add image type for jpeg
>      cache support for replacing images that were compressed using jpeg
> with lossless images
>      add image type for images that are compressed by zlib after they have
> been compressed by glz
>      add image type for RGBA bitmaps that were compressed by a combination
> of JPEG (RGB) and LZ (alpha channel).
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Quick question, why has the pkgconfig files been moved to share/pkgconfig
instead of the original lib/pkgconfig path?

This means that since all the other libraries put their pkgconfig file in
lib/pkgconfig, two paths need to be set for it to find the libs...


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