[Spice-devel] Fullscreen problem

Hans de Goede hdegoede at redhat.com
Sat Oct 2 01:21:37 PDT 2010


On 10/02/2010 05:10 AM, Amador Pahim wrote:
> Helo,
> I'm using Fedora 14 beta and spice from yum. When I connect to VM in
> fullscreen mode (or change to it with shift+F11) and the VM video
> resolution is different from the physical client resolution the spice
> client crashes. The message sent to screen is:
> spicec: xcb_io.c:506: _XReply: Assertion `!dpy->xcb->reply_data' failed.
> Aborted (core dumped)
> This problem was observed in Gnome and XFCE.
> The environment with Fedora 13 and spice 0.4 works fine.
> Is this a known issue? There is any workaround?

There was a bug in the 0.6.0 client where going fullscreen
would result in the spice client going into an endless
loop (which also involved the X-server).

Although I've not seen the exact behavior (error message)
you are reporting, it is likely the same thing.

This is fixed in 0.6.1, you can download 0.6.1 rpms
for F-14 here:



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