[Spice-devel] Adaptive video compression by default?

John A. Sullivan III jsullivan at opensourcedevel.com
Thu Jun 16 10:18:18 PDT 2011

On Thu, 2011-06-16 at 12:42 -0400, Marian Krcmarik wrote:
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> > Subject: [Spice-devel] Adaptive video compression by default?
> > Hello, all. One of the technologies which completely intrigued us
> > about
> > SPICE is the adaptive video compression. We thought HP had the lock on
> > that!
> > 
> > Is that enabled by default? We are trying to stay with Fedora 15 out
> > of
> > the box as much as possible so are running libvirt 0.8.8 and I do not
> > think libvirt supports the compression parameters until 0.9.2.
> "Spice supports variable compression settings for audio, images and streaming, since 0.9.1. These settings are accessible via the compression attribute in all following elements: image to set image compression (accepts auto_glz, auto_lz, quic, glz, lz, off), jpeg for JPEG compression for images over wan (accepts auto, never, always), zlib for configuring wan image compression (accepts auto, never, always) and playback for enabling audio stream compression (accepts on or off).
> Streaming mode is set by the streaming element, settings it's mode attribute to one of filter, all or off, since 0.9.2."
> - http://libvirt.org/formatdomain.html
Exactly.  So I am assuming our version of libvirt does not support those
parameters and thus we are using defaults.  What are the defaults? No
great pressure for anyone to answer unless one knows it off the top of
their head.  We'll keep experimenting to find out.  Thanks - John

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