[Spice-devel] grab mouse in html5 client

Davide Canova davide.canova at heliman.it
Wed Dec 19 06:23:42 PST 2012

Hi, we are testing the html5 client with our W7 and Ubuntu guests on Xen.
Is it possible to make it grab your mouse and display only the guest
(remote) pointer until you release it with a key combination? If not,
is it hard to implement?

Seeing two pointers is specially confusing if the local and the remote
pointer looks the same. Also you need very often to make special
movements to bring the pointers together in order to reach the place
you want.
We are interested in any solution/workaround for this problem.

Not sure if this message is about the same issue:
We didn't observe any difference running the server with the
agent-mouse flag set to off.


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