[Spice-devel] grab mouse in html5 client

Erfane Arwani erfane.arwani at apwise.com
Wed Dec 19 07:28:41 PST 2012

Ciao Davide,

I also think that getting two cursors is confusing.
I would change this behaviour by removing the guest (remote) pointer not
the client (local) one.
But if you want to remove the guest one, it's pretty straight forward: in
the file spice.css, line 72, add "cursor: none".


On Wed, Dec 19, 2012 at 3:23 PM, Davide Canova <davide.canova at heliman.it>wrote:

> Hi, we are testing the html5 client with our W7 and Ubuntu guests on Xen.
> Is it possible to make it grab your mouse and display only the guest
> (remote) pointer until you release it with a key combination? If not,
> is it hard to implement?
> Seeing two pointers is specially confusing if the local and the remote
> pointer looks the same. Also you need very often to make special
> movements to bring the pointers together in order to reach the place
> you want.
> We are interested in any solution/workaround for this problem.
> Not sure if this message is about the same issue:
> http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/spice-devel/2012-December/011804.html
> We didn't observe any difference running the server with the
> agent-mouse flag set to off.
> Thanks,
> DC
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