[Spice-devel] Windows 7 64bit QXL driver not digitally signed

Frank Moss frank at nine13tech.com
Tue May 7 09:02:15 PDT 2013

I understand that you do not currently sign the upstream drivers and
that the practice of placing a windows 7 x64 box in test mode is a
possible workaround, but it is not a solution and in some instances can
violate security policy.
That said, the lack of driver signing prevented my former group from
providing this as a VDI solution to a government agency. In addition,
this is hindering my new group's ability to offer this as a transport
mechanism for our DaaS (internal only) offering.

Why are the stable driver releases unsigned?
What are the barriers to the driver signing?
How can the community help create signed binary drivers for Windows 7
x64 and above that do not require it to be placed in test mode?

Thank You,
Frank Moss
Cloud and Virtualization Architect
nine 13 tech
frank "at symbol" nine 13 tech - com

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