[Spice-devel] Help with solving a thread safety issue

Han Pilmeyer pilux at pilmeyer.nl
Tue Sep 9 06:00:33 PDT 2014

On 09/09/2014 11:06, nicolas prochazka wrote:
> i'm sorry but it's very difficult to answer that.
> It depends of combinaison of spice-gtk , spice-server and qemu .
> Now without your patch, with last git spice gtk, spice-server and qemu 
> 2.x, it seems to be work. ( sound does not disapear but video is bas )
> but with my last bug report, i wrote  :
> vm guest : windows 7
> host : qemu 1.7.1 => qemu 2.0.x
> spice 0.12.5
> spice-gtk 0.25
> spice proto : 0.12.7
> - the Video/sound desynchronisation are very important
> - After 5 minutes of video, the sound  disapear
I'm on Fedora 20 and seem to have very similar problems. I cannot say 
exactly when the problems started, but
it must have been around June / July. My guest is Windows 7 and I have 
not changed the guest. I'm running Lync 2013
in the guest and this is where I first noticed problems, but I see it 
with all sound / video applications.

The problems I see:
- Sound and video are out of sync
- Sounds stops after several minutes (could be around 5 minutes as you 
- When I chat in Lync, sound gets choppy during the typing. I also lose 
the microphone, i.e. others cannot hear me after
   I have typed anything

Since I read this thread this morning I have been researching when my 
packages were upgraded.
- I upgraded from spice-server 0.12.4-2 to 0.12.5-2 on June 13th. This 
would roughly fit the time when the problems started
- I upgraded spice-{glib,gtk,gtk3} to 0.23-2 on March 22nd. This is well 
before I noticed problems.
- virt-viewer (which I use) was upgraded on March 13th

I will attempt some downgrades and report back if I discover anything.


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