[Spice-devel] Help with solving a thread safety issue

Han Pilmeyer pilux at pilmeyer.nl
Tue Sep 9 12:01:30 PDT 2014

On 09/09/2014 15:00, Han Pilmeyer wrote:
> The problems I see:
> - Sound and video are out of sync
> - Sounds stops after several minutes (could be around 5 minutes as you 
> suggest)
> - When I chat in Lync, sound gets choppy during the typing. I also 
> lose the microphone, i.e. others cannot hear me after
>   I have typed anything
> Since I read this thread this morning I have been researching when my 
> packages were upgraded.
> - I upgraded from spice-server 0.12.4-2 to 0.12.5-2 on June 13th. This 
> would roughly fit the time when the problems started
> - I upgraded spice-{glib,gtk,gtk3} to 0.23-2 on March 22nd. This is 
> well before I noticed problems.
> - virt-viewer (which I use) was upgraded on March 13th
> I will attempt some downgrades and report back if I discover anything.

I just downgraded spice-server to 0.12.4-3 and I also had to downgrade 
qemu-{common,system-x86,kvm,img} to 1.6.1-2 (from 1.6.2-7).
I tested with a "video" that showed serious audio/video sync issues 
yesterday and it now ran as expected. I haven't been able to test with 
Lync yet, but will do so tomorrow. I have good hopes that those problems 
will be gone as well, but I will report back if that is not the case.

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