[Spice-devel] can spice use jpeg only

Aaron Zhang(张秉兆) aaron_0119 at 163.com
Thu Sep 25 19:35:43 PDT 2014

When i am testing the spice, i found that spice seems only uses glz to compress the images. i want to decode the image by the VPU in the ARM, but glz decode isn't supported by VPU. so i want to let the spice transport images by jpeg.
i modified the reds.c and red_worker.c in the server. here it is:
in red_worker.c
  worker->jpeg_state =SPICE_WAN_COMPRESSION_ALWAYS(static void red_init(RedWorker *worker, WorkerInitData *init_data))
in reds.c
spice_wan_compression_t jpeg_state = SPICE_WAN_COMPRESSION_ALWAYS;
(    static inline int red_compress_image(DisplayChannelClient *dcc,SpiceImage *dest, SpiceBitmap *src, Drawable *drawable,int can_lossy,compress_send_data_t* o_comp_data))
afer this , i tested the sipce client, and found that most of the images still compressed by glz, and some of them was by jpeg.
can the spice use jpeg only?how can i do to let it use jpeg only?
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Aaron Zhang(张秉兆)
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