[Spice-devel] Wiki cleanup

Jeremy White jwhite at codeweavers.com
Mon Sep 29 05:30:02 PDT 2014

>> If the idea seems sensible, then I'd propose that we work on the Wiki until
>> we feel it stands mostly on it's own, and when we hit that point, we shift
>> the main pages to reflect that.
> The website/wiki content needs some reorganization for sure, and the
> manual editing of the static website content needs to be improved.
> The next question is if we want to achieve that with a wiki, or by
> switching to a different 'CMS'. The wiki has the big advantage of being
> already there. I think Marc-André favoured http://jekyllrb.com for the
> static website part.

Yeah, I worked a bit with Jekyll, and it was nice.  I also find plain 
html + a nice css (e.g. bootstrap) surprisingly pleasant to work with.

If we do keep a static component, I'd suggest we establish a git tree 
with git hooks that auto update (ala Github sites).  And have patches 
and/or commit access to that tree be welcome.



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