[Swfdec] Question about Konq Support

Riccardo Magliocchetti riccardo.magliocchetti at gmail.com
Wed Aug 20 09:00:18 PDT 2008

Kris Moore wrote:
> Riccardo Magliocchetti wrote:
>> I think it's unmaintained, and if no one step up it'll stay as is. 
>> Said that i've cooked a quick untested patch to make it compile with 
>> swfdec git and kdelibs 4.1.0. I don't even have konqueror so the patch 
>> is not tested at all. I think you have to wait for Benjamin coming 
>> back from holidays for a serious response.
> Riccardo,
> Thanks for the patch!

You are welcome :)

> I've gone ahead and implemented this patch here, and made quite a few 
> more adjustments to it. One of the things I've implemented is openURL 
> instead of openFile, which in Konq passes the direct URL to the plugin, 
> instead of opening a file-download dialog, and copying all the .swf 
> files to disk first.
> However, I'm still having some problems getting it to work. Here's how I 
> have it being opened:
> void FlashPlayerWidget::load(const KUrl& url)
> {
> SwfdecURL *swf_url;
> swf_url = swfdec_url_new_from_input(url.url().toUtf8().constData());
> swfdec_player_set_url(d->player, swf_url);
> swfdec_url_free(swf_url);
> }
> But when the plugin tries to play any flash file, heres the output I get:
> SWFDEC: ERROR: swfdec_stream.c(373): swfdec_stream_errorv: error in 
> stream for http://www.gamepro.com/ads/counter.swf: Don't know how to 
> handle this protocol
> Is there some other way I need to open a remote http:// URL?

try s/swfdec_url_new_from_input/swfdec_url_new


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