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--- Comment #8 from Alexander van Loon <svloon at xs4all.nl>  2008-08-24 04:22:29 PST ---
After Adobe Flash was causing Firefox 3.0.1 to crash left and right I decided
to switch to swfdec like undoubtedly many others. But the default behaviour of
swfdec is annoying me like no tomorrow, so I'd like to voice my concerns here
as well.

My proposal is similar to z0z0tuss proposal, that swfdec should automatically
play everything. That's the default behaviour of Adobe Flash, and that's what
casual users expect, I observed that as soon as they saw a grey background with
a play button they think that Flash is broken. The current situation is a very
poor choice, the small minority who wants to block certain Flash content or
doesn't want autoplay could just use the functionality in the web browser or
it's extensions to achieve that, right?

In response to your second argument Benjamin Otte, maybe the fact that many
people don't know about extensions or don't use them means that Flash ads
aren't annoying enough to motivate them to think about methods to prevent them
from showing. In other words, it's probably not an issue for most people.
Casual users for whom I install Ubuntu have never asked me for methods to block
ads. And the end doesn't justify the means, "breaking" Flash by not autoplaying
by default will annoy and confuse users far more than a few ads here and there. 

Could the swfdec developers please do a new unstable release soon, because I'd
really appreciate the fix in Git which gives an option for autoplaying always.
Now I'm constantly clicking on play buttons for Flash content, which is
annoying like no tomorrow.

Besides my voicing my concerns, I'd like to thank the swfdec developers.
Finally we can switch to 64-bit without having to worry about Flash, and we're
not dependent on the bug-ridden Adobe Flash anymore. You guys are awesome for
reverse engineering Flash, it puts Adobe to shame. Thank you so very much guys.

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