[systemd-commits] Changes to 'refs/tags/v12'

Lennart Poettering lennart at kemper.freedesktop.org
Tue Nov 16 16:24:25 PST 2010

Tag 'v12' created by Lennart Poettering <lennart at poettering.net> at 2010-11-17 00:23 -0800

systemd 12

Changes since v11:
Andrew Edmunds (3):
      ubuntu: Treat Ubuntu as a distinct distro in configure.ac etc
      util: Add welcome message for Ubuntu
      man: Fix various typos

Andrey Borzenkov (4):
      main: fix typo in kernel cmdline parameters help
      socket: fix IPv6 availability detection
      do not overwrite other udev tags
      vconsole: support additional keymap for toggling layouts

Bill Nottingham (9):
      tmpfiles: Make wtmp match utmp perms, and add btmp.
      tmpfiles: Don't clean /var/lock/subsys; it is not aged content
      Fedora: Don't ship a init.d reboot symlink.
      Fedora: Assorted tweaks to Fedora single-user mode.
      Fedora: further unit tweaks
      Fedora: don't ship [Install] sections; these are enabled in the system configuration.
      Fedora: by default, run prefdm last to match prior behavior.
      Fedora: Make systemunitdir/graphical.target.wants on 'make install'.
      Fedora: Link graphical-target.wants to the virtual display-manager.service, not the specific prefdm.service.

Brandon Philips (1):
      man/tmpfiles.d.xml: add a manpage for tmpfiles.d

Fabiano Fidencio (6):
      util: Adding a strneq, to represent (!strncmp(a, b, n))
      umount: Adding unmount functions to be used in shutdown
      shutdown: Adding binary to shutdown the system
      README: Check for libudev-160, as in configure.ac
      manager: hookup execution of systemd-shutdown helper
      vala: register new D-Bus calls

Franz Dietrich (2):
      units: Since killall.service does not exist anymore remove all references.
      units: Remove the distro specific references to killall.service.

Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri (2):
      tmpfiles: consider TRUNCATE_DIRECTORY as well.
      build-sys: dbus-glib is just required by gtk's systemadm

Kay Sievers (14):
      use common names: fixme -> TODO, bootstrap.sh -> autogen.sh
      systemd-shutdown: add umount.h to sources
      move .h file from SOURCES to DIST to make vala autotools happy
      fsck: drop -C from fsck cmdline to avoid EPIPE
      TODO: add getty on-demand, man: --system
      TODO: /proc/swaps is poll()able now
      getty at .service: switch to agetty as the default
      fsck: skip checking / if it is writable
      fsck: return SUCCESS when we skip the check
      update TODO with mtab issue
      split mount_point_is_api() and mount_point_ignore()
      update TODO
      update TODO
      delete tmp.mount which may conflict with an unrelated fstab entry

Lennart Poettering (228):
      sd-daemon: in some places sizeof(sa_family_t) actually does make sense
      util: unify implementations of freeze()
      shutdown: create /var/run/nologin instead of /etc/nologin which is supported since PAM 1.1.2
      shutdown: drop redundant read_only bool var
      shutdown: drop last referral to mp->read_only
      user-sessions: add minimal utility to kill user sessions that shall be called before destroying services on shutdown
      user-sessions: properly unlink both nologin files
      systemd-user-sessions: install .service file and enable by default
      update fixme
      unit: introduce 'banned' load state for units symlinked to /dev/null
      mount: properly handle NULL fstype
      service: increase default timeout for sysv scripts to 3min
      systemctl: fix 'systemctl enable getty at .service'
      service: optionally, create INIT_PROCESS/DEAD_PROCESS entries for a service
      unit: rename 'banned' load state to 'masked'
      util: don't specifically check for the /dev/null major/minor, just check whether something is a char or block device
      units: enable utmp for serial gettys too
      service: introduce Restart=on-failure and Restart=on-abort
      update fixme
      systemctl: show whether we follow somebody in 'status' output
      systemctl: drop [] around date in status output
      mount: minor cleanups
      swap: major rework, use /sbin/swapon for setting up swaps, fix merging of aliased swap disks
      unit: add minimal condition checker for unit startup
      inotify: properly handle multiple inotify events per read()
      lookup: look for dynamic throw-away units in /dev/.systemd/system
      dbus: add introspection to midlevel paths
      systemctl: warn if user enables unit with no installation instructions
      mount: hook in q fsck at .service instance for all mount points with passno > 0
      mount: pull in fsck only in systemd instances
      condition: fix copyright
      umount: unescape path from /proc/self/mountinfo first, then check against api mount list
      umount: properly enumerate loopback devices
      umount: simplify code for deactivating loop devices
      umount: be a bit more verbose when unable to umount/unswap/delete loopbacks
      shutdown: don't chdir to /, since init is running with / as cwd anyway
      shutdown: execute rescue kill only once
      shutdown: make use of wait_for_terminate_and_warn()
      dbus: expose shutdown helper via D-Bus
      manager: hookup shutdown helper and signals
      systemctl: rework halt/reboot/poweroff/kexec/exit logic around --force
      units: introduce kexec.service, kexec.target and exit.target
      shutdown: log to console by default
      umount: try to get rid of DM devices
      units: get rid of distro-specific shutdown scripts, replace them by systemd-shutdown invocations
      units: introduce final.target that can be used to plug units between shutdown.target and the final shutdown
      systemctl: accept -f as short for --force
      fedora: add compat unit for /sbin/halt.local
      umount: disable dm devices by devnode, not by path name
      update fixme
      shutdown: loop only as long as we manage to unmount/detach devices, give up immediately when we are stuck
      tmpfiles: integrate kay's directory cleanup code and otherwise beef up tmpfiles quite a bit
      manager: serialize/deserialize finish timestamp
      util: ignore quota files by default
      label: if the selinux policy knows no label, then silently don't do anything
      swap: listen for POLLPRI events on /proc/swaps if available
      tmpfiles: remove forcefsck/fastboot flag files after boot
      label: don't fail miserably if filesystem doesn't do xattrs/labels
      tmpfiles: destruct selinux database after use
      man: properly refer to $MAINPID instead of $(MAINPID) which doesnt work anymore
      man: extend commenting of .spec file snippets a bit
      systemctl: fix counting in list-units output
      fsck: add initial version of fsck and quotacheck wrappers
      fsck: be verbose when skipping fsck due to missing AC
      fsck: atomically replace base.target by rescue.target/reboot.target when fsck fails
      fsck: properly hook in fsck everywhere, add special support for fsck'ing root dir
      fsck: make fsck idempotent
      units: add missing fsck units
      fsck: don't be idempotent for root directories
      log: reopen console so that we have logging on shutdown
      service: implement FsckPassNo= option
      units: properly use ConditionPathExists= instead of ConditionFileExists=
      mount: do not implicitly pull in fsck service for root dir
      manager: properly write header marker on serialization
      manager: properly parse finish timestamp
      mount: require fsck
      mount: pull in quotacheck.service, not quotacheck.target
      fsck: wait for device to show up
      quota: add install hooks for basic.target
      quota: enable quotaon/quotacheck in local-fs.target, not basic.target
      install: enable quota/fsck-root/hwclock load by default
      unit: introduce %f specifier to decode file names
      quota: fix quotaon command line
      syslog: enable kmsg bridge by default and enable syslogging for early boot services
      units: order syslog.target after syslog.socket
      systemctl: introduce systemctl kill
      man: document systemctl --force
      dbus: epose FsckPassNo property for service objects
      fsck: suppress error message if we cannot change into single user mode since we are already passt early bootup
      man: numerous updates to document updated systemctl behaviour
      update fixme
      ask-password: rename ask-password-agent to gnome-ask-password-agent
      ask-password: add basic tty agent
      update fixme
      units: activate wall agent automatically if something is dropped in /dev/.systemd/ask-password
      systemd: unset HOME and TERM set from the kernel
      mount: add nosuid,nodev,noexec switches to /var/lock and /var/run
      update fixme
      update fixme
      main: don't unset HOME/TERM when run in session mode
      service: make sure to pass TERM=linux to all sysv scripts
      units: now that we don't set TERM anymore by default, make sure to pass it to our rescue sessions
      ask-password: add minimal plymouth password agent
      ask-password: enable plymouth agent by default
      ask-password: properly handle multiple pending passwords when writing wall msg
      systemctl: automatically spawn temporary password agent when we might need one
      ask-password-tty: properly handle SIGINT/SIGTERM
      exec: fix dbus exposure of UtmpIdentifier field
      shutdown: properly handle sigtimedwait() timing out
      readahead: bump a device's request_nr when enabling readahead
      swap: expose swap exec env proprties via dbus
      swap: add default cgroup to swap exec env
      errors: refer to systemctl status when useful
      swap: add only swaps listed in /etc/fstab automatically to swap.target, others should be added via .wants/ links
      build-sys: fix 'make fedora'
      update fixme
      man: be more explicit about the usefulness of --system
      unit: serialize active timestamps
      service: when after startup only one process is in a service's cgroup, assume it is the main process
      units: run sysv related scripts with TERM=linux
      main: move make_null_stdio() to util.c
      selinux: automatically load policy if the initrd hasn't done this for us yet
      mounts: automatically create /dev/stderr and friends early on boot so that they are around when we run shell scripts before udevd
      update fixme
      swap: there's no reason not order swap after sysinit, so drop it
      unit: suppress incorrect deserialization errors
      device: set recursive_stop=true by default
      service: unify tstamp serialization code
      unit: replace recursive_stop by stop_retroactively to simplify things a little
      timer: when deserializing timer state stay elapsed when we are elapsed
      manager: show which jobs are actually installed after a transaction
      shutdown: reword a few messages a little
      systemctl: always show what and where for mount units in status output
      units: run sysctl only if /etc/sysctl.conf exists
      automount: show who's triggering an automount
      unit: replace StopRetroactively= by BindTo= dependencies
      unit: get rid of gnoreDependencyFailure= instead treat ConflictedBy= as weaker counterpart of Conflicts=, similar to Wants= vs. Requires=
      update fixme
      fedora: get rid of sysinit.service
      units: introduce plymouth-start and plymouth-kexec, and move a few things back from basic to sysinit
      units: make fedora/single.service standard and rename it to rescue.service
      units: no need to create rescue.target.wants anymore
      fedora plymouthd doesn't seem to like --attach-to-session here
      units: fix quota check description
      fedora: enable system mounting/swapping by default
      units: order units by default before appropriate targets in case they are pulled indirectly
      fsck: fix target name to check for
      job: recursively fail BoundBy dependencies
      mount: don't pull in nofail mounts by default, but use them if they are around
      units: fix variable expansion
      fedora: invoke plymouth with its /bin instead of the /usr/bin/ path
      fedora: /bin/plymouth --sysinit is not necessary on shut down
      units: add unit to call /bin/plymouth update-root-fs --read-write
      fsck: add new -l switch to fsck mount options
      fedora: start plymouth after udev-settle, so that the graphics modules are loaded
      readahead: shortcut replay if /.readahead doesn't exist
      manager: only minimize impact if we are in fail mode
      manager: when isolating undo all pending jobs, too
      update fixme
      service: delay automatic restart if job is pending
      log: downgrade syslog connection failure message since it might happen during normal operation
      selinux: relabel /dev after loading policy
      cryptsetup: minimal cryptsetup unit generator
      label: use internal utility functions wher epossible
      modules-load: fix minor race
      manager: parse RD_TIMESTAMP passed from initrd
      ac-power: make ac-power a proper binary that scripts can call
      unit: add ConditionNull= condition
      main: rename process on startup to 'systemd' to avoid confusion
      man: minor tmpfiles(5) updates and reindenting
      main: warn if /etc/mtab is not a symlink
      tmpfiles: include reference to man page in tmpfiles files
      units: deal properly with the fact that agetty is called getty on Debian
      mount: don't relabel /dev twice in a row
      build-sys: fix usage of path macros
      manager: hookup generators
      cryptsetup: hook up tool with ask-password
      log: add automatic log target
      log: fix build
      cryptsetup: automatically start cryptsetup when looking for mount source
      manager: be a bit more verbose if we receive unknown epoll event
      ask-password: properly NULL terminate table
      ask-password: ignore unknown query file fields
      ask-password: refer to right binary name in wall message
      ask-password: don't show wall message on ttys we are already running a tty agent on
      ask-password: leave printing of final prompt colon to message
      update fixme
      cryptsetup: support non-LUKS crypto partitions
      cryptsetup: properly parse cipher= switch
      cryptsetup: handle password=none properly
      udev: ignore temporary udev devices
      load-fragment: properly do comparison of words
      tmpfiles: ignore files marked with the sticky bit
      job: make it possible to wait for devices to be unplugged
      pam: rename 'no-session' to 'user' cgroup
      manager: don't fail transaction if adding CONFLICTED_BY job fails
      units: make use of agetty mandatory
      util: always highlight distro name
      manager: always pull 'following' units into transaction
      path: always look for IN_ATTRIB since deletion is signalled that way
      path: avoid immediate restarting of units triggered by paths if nothing actually changed on disk
      manager: consider jobs already installed as redundant when reducing new transactions
      cryptsetup: bind cryptsetup service to both source and destination device
      load-dropin: add support for .requires directories
      units: get rid of no_requires unit flag, and make crypto disks require cryptsetup service
      build-sys: make check for libnotify explicit
      unit: introduce ConditionDirectoryNotEmpty=
      units: use ConditionDirectoryNotEmpty= where applicable
      manager: ignore invalid epoll events
      path: properly free PathSpec structs
      drop support for MANAGER_SESSION, introduce MANAGER_USER instead
      pam: rename master user cgroup to 'master'
      exec: automatically determine right TERM= setting based on tty name
      cgroup: call root cgroup system instead of systemd-1
      pam: always rely on loginuid instead of uid to determine cgroup and XDG_RUNTIME_DIR
      units: delay getty until logins are allowed
      units: enable ask-paswword .path units early enough to be useful for early mounts
      units: allow start-up of plymouth ask-password agent very early
      units: set TERM for gettys again, since they acquire a TTY on their own
      plymouth: use updated socket name
      cryptsetup: lock ourselves into memory as long as we deal with passwords
      cryptsetup: include device name in password question
      path: don't mention too many inotify msgs
      units: order hwclock after readahead
      cryptsetup: reword questions a little
      ask-password: add --console mode to ask questions on /dev/console
      update TODO
      build-sys: prep release 12

Lucas De Marchi (1):
      vconsole-setup: fix path on Arch

Matthias Clasen (1):
      build-sys: fix building against libnotify 0.7

Michael Biebl (3):
      umount: Make sure / is remounted ro on shutdown
      Revert "fsck: add new -l switch to fsck mount options"
      Remove umount*.service files for Debian

Mike Kazantsev (1):
      service: fix sysv-less build

Ran Benita (1):
      add bash completion for systemctl --system

Tom Gundersen (3):
      unit-name: Fix unescaping
      fsck: remove symlink from fsck.target to sysinit.target
      arch: remove obsolete sysinit.service

 .gitignore                                     |   12 
 Makefile.am                                    |  429 +++++++----
 README                                         |    3 
 TODO                                           |  127 +++
 autogen.sh                                     |   72 +
 bootstrap.sh                                   |   72 -
 configure.ac                                   |   49 +
 fixme                                          |  148 ----
 man/daemon.xml                                 |   21 
 man/pam_systemd.xml                            |    6 
 man/systemadm.xml                              |    8 
 man/systemctl.xml                              |  233 +++++-
 man/systemd.conf.xml                           |   17 
 man/systemd.exec.xml                           |   40 -
 man/systemd.service.xml                        |   68 +
 man/systemd.special.xml.in                     |   20 
 man/systemd.unit.xml                           |  135 ++-
 man/systemd.xml                                |   79 +-
 man/tmpfiles.d.xml                             |  178 ++++
 src/.gitignore                                 |    2 
 src/99-systemd.rules                           |   18 
 src/ac-power.c                                 |  111 +++
 src/ask-password-agent.vala                    |  258 ------
 src/ask-password-api.c                         |  492 +++++++++++++
 src/ask-password-api.h                         |   33 
 src/ask-password.c                             |  347 ---------
 src/automount.c                                |   15 
 src/bus-errors.h                               |    2 
 src/cgroup.c                                   |   61 +
 src/cgroup.h                                   |    3 
 src/condition.c                                |  170 ++++
 src/condition.h                                |   59 +
 src/conf-parser.c                              |   25 
 src/conf-parser.h                              |    1 
 src/cryptsetup-generator.c                     |  256 ++++++
 src/cryptsetup.c                               |  386 ++++++++++
 src/dbus-execute.h                             |    8 
 src/dbus-job.c                                 |   67 +
 src/dbus-manager.c                             |  142 +++
 src/dbus-mount.c                               |   12 
 src/dbus-service.c                             |    1 
 src/dbus-swap.c                                |   17 
 src/dbus-unit.c                                |  109 ++
 src/dbus-unit.h                                |   13 
 src/dbus.c                                     |    2 
 src/device.c                                   |   39 -
 src/execute.c                                  |   45 +
 src/execute.h                                  |   18 
 src/fsck.c                                     |  270 +++++++
 src/gnome-ask-password-agent.vala              |  257 ++++++
 src/job.c                                      |   32 
 src/label.c                                    |   50 +
 src/label.h                                    |    1 
 src/list.h                                     |    9 
 src/load-dropin.c                              |   95 +-
 src/load-fragment.c                            |  170 ++++
 src/locale-setup.c                             |    2 
 src/log.c                                      |   53 -
 src/log.h                                      |    1 
 src/macro.h                                    |   10 
 src/main.c                                     |  152 +++-
 src/manager.c                                  |  407 +++++++++--
 src/manager.h                                  |   17 
 src/modules-load.c                             |    3 
 src/mount-setup.c                              |   65 +
 src/mount-setup.h                              |    1 
 src/mount.c                                    |  230 +++---
 src/mount.h                                    |    1 
 src/pam-module.c                               |   58 +
 src/path-lookup.c                              |   29 
 src/path-lookup.h                              |    2 
 src/path.c                                     |  112 ++-
 src/path.h                                     |    1 
 src/quotacheck.c                               |  114 +++
 src/readahead-common.c                         |   77 ++
 src/readahead-common.h                         |    2 
 src/readahead-replay.c                         |    1 
 src/reply-password.c                           |    4 
 src/sd-daemon.c                                |    6 
 src/sd-daemon.h                                |    2 
 src/selinux-setup.c                            |   72 +
 src/selinux-setup.h                            |   27 
 src/service.c                                  |  239 ++++--
 src/service.h                                  |    4 
 src/shutdown.c                                 |  370 ++++++++++
 src/shutdownd.c                                |   12 
 src/snapshot.c                                 |    2 
 src/socket-util.c                              |   16 
 src/socket.c                                   |   58 +
 src/special.h                                  |    6 
 src/swap.c                                     |  925 ++++++++++++++++++++++---
 src/swap.h                                     |   52 +
 src/systemadm.vala                             |   10 
 src/systemctl-bash-completion.sh               |  145 +++
 src/systemctl.c                                |  354 +++++++--
 src/systemd-interfaces.vala                    |    4 
 src/target.c                                   |    2 
 src/test-strv.c                                |   54 +
 src/timer.c                                    |   16 
 src/timestamp.c                                |   39 +
 src/tmpfiles.c                                 |  717 ++++++++++++++++---
 src/tty-ask-password-agent.c                   |  649 +++++++++++++++++
 src/umount.c                                   |  589 +++++++++++++++
 src/umount.h                                   |   33 
 src/unit-name.c                                |   61 +
 src/unit-name.h                                |    5 
 src/unit.c                                     |  172 +++-
 src/unit.h                                     |   34 
 src/user-sessions.c                            |   79 ++
 src/util.c                                     |  203 +++++
 src/util.h                                     |   26 
 src/utmp-wtmp.c                                |   85 ++
 src/utmp-wtmp.h                                |    5 
 src/vconsole-setup.c                           |   11 
 systemd.pc.in                                  |    2 
 tmpfiles.d/systemd.conf                        |   19 
 tmpfiles.d/x11.conf                            |   22 
 units/.gitignore                               |   14 
 units/arch/halt.service                        |   19 
 units/arch/poweroff.service                    |   19 
 units/arch/reboot.service                      |   19 
 units/arch/sysinit.service                     |   19 
 units/basic.target                             |    4 
 units/debian/fsck.target                       |   11 
 units/debian/halt.service                      |   19 
 units/debian/killall.service                   |   18 
 units/debian/poweroff.service                  |   19 
 units/debian/reboot.service                    |   19 
 units/debian/umountfs.service                  |   18 
 units/debian/umountnfs.service                 |   18 
 units/debian/umountroot.service                |   18 
 units/emergency.service                        |    2 
 units/fedora/halt-local.service                |   20 
 units/fedora/halt.service                      |   19 
 units/fedora/killall.service                   |   18 
 units/fedora/plymouth-halt.service             |   12 
 units/fedora/plymouth-kexec.service            |   18 
 units/fedora/plymouth-poweroff.service         |   12 
 units/fedora/plymouth-quit.service             |    7 
 units/fedora/plymouth-read-write.service       |   16 
 units/fedora/plymouth-reboot.service           |   12 
 units/fedora/plymouth-start.service            |   17 
 units/fedora/poweroff.service                  |   19 
 units/fedora/prefdm.service                    |    6 
 units/fedora/rc-local.service                  |    9 
 units/fedora/reboot.service                    |   19 
 units/fedora/single.service                    |   30 
 units/fedora/sysinit.service                   |   20 
 units/final.target                             |   14 
 units/fsck-root.service.in                     |   19 
 units/fsck at .service.in                         |   19 
 units/gentoo/halt.service                      |   19 
 units/gentoo/killall.service                   |   18 
 units/gentoo/poweroff.service                  |   19 
 units/gentoo/reboot.service                    |   18 
 units/getty at .service.m4                        |   20 
 units/halt.service.in                          |   16 
 units/hwclock-load.service                     |    2 
 units/hwclock-save.service                     |    2 
 units/kexec.service.in                         |   16 
 units/kexec.target                             |   18 
 units/multi-user.target.m4                     |    8 
 units/poweroff.service.in                      |   16 
 units/quotacheck.service.in                    |   22 
 units/quotaon.service                          |   22 
 units/reboot.service.in                        |   16 
 units/remount-rootfs.service                   |    3 
 units/rescue.service.m4                        |   32 
 units/rescue.target                            |    4 
 units/serial-getty at .service.m4                 |   12 
 units/session/.gitignore                       |    1 
 units/session/Makefile                         |    1 
 units/session/default.target                   |   11 
 units/session/exit.service.in                  |    9 
 units/shutdown.target                          |    1 
 units/suse/fsck.target                         |   11 
 units/suse/halt.service                        |   19 
 units/suse/poweroff.service                    |   19 
 units/suse/reboot.service                      |   19 
 units/sysctl.service                           |    2 
 units/sysinit.target                           |   15 
 units/sysinit.target.m4                        |   31 
 units/syslog.socket                            |   27 
 units/systemd-ask-password-plymouth.path       |   15 
 units/systemd-ask-password-plymouth.service.in |   15 
 units/systemd-ask-password-wall.path           |   15 
 units/systemd-ask-password-wall.service.in     |   13 
 units/systemd-initctl.service.in               |    2 
 units/systemd-initctl.socket                   |    2 
 units/systemd-kmsg-syslogd.service.in          |    1 
 units/systemd-kmsg-syslogd.socket              |   20 
 units/systemd-logger.service.in                |    6 
 units/systemd-logger.socket                    |    4 
 units/systemd-modules-load.service.in          |    1 
 units/systemd-random-seed-save.service.in      |    2 
 units/systemd-readahead-replay.service.in      |    1 
 units/systemd-remount-api-vfs.service.in       |    1 
 units/systemd-shutdownd.service.in             |    2 
 units/systemd-shutdownd.socket                 |    2 
 units/systemd-tmpfiles-clean.service.in        |   19 
 units/systemd-tmpfiles-clean.timer             |   13 
 units/systemd-tmpfiles-setup.service.in        |   19 
 units/systemd-tmpfiles.service.in              |   18 
 units/systemd-update-utmp-runlevel.service.in  |    4 
 units/systemd-update-utmp-shutdown.service.in  |    2 
 units/systemd-user-sessions.service.in         |   16 
 units/systemd-vconsole-setup.service.in        |    1 
 units/tmp.mount                                |   16 
 units/tmpwatch.service                         |   19 
 units/tmpwatch.timer                           |   13 
 units/umount.target                            |    1 
 units/user/.gitignore                          |    1 
 units/user/Makefile                            |    1 
 units/user/default.target                      |   11 
 units/user/exit.service.in                     |   18 
 units/user/exit.target                         |   18 
 units/var-lock.mount                           |    2 
 units/var-run.mount                            |    2 
 218 files changed, 10302 insertions(+), 2767 deletions(-)

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