[systemd-devel] systemctl -H/-P does not work

Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
Thu Jul 14 05:35:45 PDT 2011

On Thu, 14.07.11 12:43, Mantas Mikulėnas (grawity at gmail.com) wrote:

> Hello.
> I've been trying to use the -H (remote host) and -P (policykit) options in both 'systemctl' and 'systemd-loginctl', but they always return the same DBus error message:
> > $ systemctl -H localhost Failed to get D-Bus connection: Could not
> > parse server address: Unknown address type (examples of valid types
> > are "tcp" and on UNIX "unix")
> The same is displayed for -P. DBus is running as system and session
> bus, and both 'systemctl' and 'systemd-loginctl' work fine
> locally. $DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS is set to the usual
> "unix:abstract=...,guid=..." address. Tested with systemd releases
> 25-30.
> Is this a bug, or is there something I'm missing in how the options
> are supposed to be used?

This is dependent on a patch to D-Bus, which is still hanging in
bugzilla. I'll spend some time on getting that restarted, so that it
finally can be merged.


Lennart Poettering - Red Hat, Inc.

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