[systemd-devel] The Linux Way or Some ideas to make systemd better

Koen Kooi koen at dominion.thruhere.net
Sun Jul 17 00:09:41 PDT 2011

Op 17 jul 2011, om 05:32 heeft Sergey het volgende geschreven:
> "Why is this better?"
> =====================
> Because it's flexible, portable, simple, easy to support and it's unix-way.
> Such structure would work under any circumstances on almost any configuration.
> Users of other Linux distributions can install `sysunixd`/`sysinetd` and it
> will work out of box, together with any existing init system.
> If someone, having a tightly integrated bunch of native upstart scripts, cannot
> switch entire init system, he can still install `sysunixd` and `sysinetd` and
> get some speed improvements. Even if he cannot use `sysunixd` and `sysinetd`
> for starting services he can still benefit from faster disks mounting using
> `sysmountd`.
> It's extremely portable. Users of other operating systems can install almost
> every component (except systemd-cgroups). Such structure can be ported even
> to the systems that don't support UNIX sockets (just disable `sysunixd`
> and patch `libsystemd` to use different communication method).
> It does not have any extra dependencies. So if someone needs to build a compact
> system for netbook with 128MB RAM he can install just `systemd` and save a few
> MB of RAM without dbus (Xorg+IceWM don't need dbus) and other systemd services.
> There's also no need in dbus on ssh/dns/http-servers.

FWIW, I run systemd on a 300MHz arm926 with 64MB ram :)

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