[systemd-devel] XDM and systemd --user

Matthew Monaco matt at 0x01b.net
Fri Sep 28 06:47:23 PDT 2012

On 09/28/2012 05:54 AM, Peter Lemenkov wrote:
> Hello All!
> 2012/9/28 Peeters Simon <peeters.simon at gmail.com>:
>>> Second question - I've lost all /etc/profile stuff which was set up
>>> somehow in the depths of Xorg-related script's swamp. I'd like to run
>>> it (as well as some other shell scripts) and borrow its envvars (at
>>> least for some applications) - is it possible?
>> systemd currently does not parse /etc/profile (and never will?)
>> you can work around by creating a shell script like this:
>> cat <<EOF > /bin/systemd-session
>> #!/bin/bash -l
>> exec /usr/bin/systemd --user $@
>> EOF
>> and point your xdm-config to /bin/systemd-session
>> (this lets bash start a 'login' shell, thus parsing /etc/profile. and
>> exec's systemd afterwards)
> Thanks! Works like a charm.

LightDM here, but I'm doing this with the Xsession script itself.


info() {
	printf "Xsession: $*\n" >&2

info "hello!"
info "running from -- $0"

info "sourcing profiles:"
for file in "/etc/profile" "$HOME/.profile" "/etc/xprofile" "$HOME/.xprofile"; do
	if [[ -f "$file" ]]; then
		info "\t$file"
		source "$file"

export DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS=unix:path=$XDG_RUNTIME_DIR/dbus/user_bus_socket

info "goodbye! starting systemd"
exec systemd --user

info "error running systemd"

This is actually $HOME/.Xsession. I have a more general system-wide
/etc/lightdm/Xsession, for users not on systemd --user yet. The first thing it
does is check for $HOME/.Xsession and exec it if available.

Everything is done through systemd units except launching gnome-keyring-daemon
which is done through pam and Xorg which is already launched by the display manager.

Here's my /etc/pam.d/lightdm


auth      requisite  pam_nologin.so
auth      required   pam_env.so
auth      required   pam_unix.so
auth      optional   pam_gnome_keyring.so

account   required   pam_unix.so

password  required   pam_unix.so

session   required   pam_limits.so
session   required   pam_unix.so
session   required   pam_loginuid.so
session   required   pam_systemd.so
session   optional   pam_gnome_keyring.so auto_start

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