[systemd-devel] The whole su/pkexec session debate

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at ubuntu.com
Sun Dec 1 21:48:52 PST 2013

David Herrmann [2013-12-01 16:57 +0100]:
> Screen can be fixed to call:
>   pam_start(&pamh)
>   pam_open_session(pamh)
> and during shutdown:
>   pam_close_session(pamh)
>   pam_end(pamh)

Please not; screen has no business interfering with the PAM stack, it
does not start login sessions by itself.

Also, IIRC this would require root privileges, which screen usually
does not (and should not) have.

> This way, screen will keep an "active" reference to the session and
> systemd-logind will not mark it as "closing".

But that screen process would still be running in the user's logind
session cgroup, so logind can see that the session is still active
that way? (Unless you configured it to kill all session processes on

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