[systemd-devel] questions about systemd-nspawn

Jake Edge jake at lwn.net
Tue Feb 5 11:34:19 PST 2013

Howdy Lennart and the systemd gang,

Trying to play with systemd-nspawn on a Fedora 18 system using a
3.8-rc5 kernel (if it matters) with audit turned off (why is that
needed? -- i couldn't set the root password without doing so, but am not
sure what the incompatibility is) ...

more or less following the directions in
(except --releasever=18 on the yum command line -- maybe that's the
source of my problems?)

In any case, the:

systemd-nspawn -bD /srv/mycontainer 3

doesn't make sense to me ... what is the '3'?  it doesn't seem to be
documented on the man page ... beyond that, I got a gazillion:

[FAILED] Failed to start D-Bus System Message Bus.
See 'systemctl status dbus.service' for details.
         Starting D-Bus System Message Bus...

messages as output and had to go to another window and kill the
nspawn ...

any help would be appreciated, thanks!


Jake Edge - LWN - jake at lwn.net - http://lwn.net

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