[systemd-devel] How do you set the machine's domain name with systemd?

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Sun Feb 10 11:49:34 PST 2013

Am 10.02.2013 20:41, schrieb Adam Nielsen:
> $ cat /etc/hostname
> korath
> $ hostname
> korath
> $ hostname -s
> localhost
> $ hostname -f
> localhost.localdomain
> Why is the short name being reported as localhost?  How can I change the domain to my actual domain name instead of
> "localdomain"?  According to all the documentation, the domain name should not be specified in /etc/hostname - so
> where should it go?

besides that this is more a question for your distributions
list and not the DEVEL upstream-list:

[root at srv-rhsoft:~]$ cat /etc/hostname

[root at srv-rhsoft:~]$ hostname
[root at srv-rhsoft:~]$ hostname -s
[root at srv-rhsoft:~]$ hostname -d
[root at srv-rhsoft:~]$ hostname -f

[root at srv-rhsoft:~]$ rpm -q systemd

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