[systemd-devel] Someone working on gui for multiseat?

Stef Bon stefbon at gmail.com
Mon Feb 11 03:59:53 PST 2013

2013/2/11 Colin Guthrie <gmane at colin.guthr.ie>:
> 'Twas brillig, and Stef Bon at 11/02/13 08:45 did gyre and gimble:
>> Look this is getting us nowhere.
>> You do not seem to understand my point.
>> How does this rule look like? I'm asking because I cannot immagine one.
> But calling those methods will generate and write the rule for you. In
> order to imagine the rule, just make the call and see what results from it.
> In actual fact, what does it really matter what the rule looks like. You
> shouldn't really worry about the rules directly as the API should be
> sufficient for you without caring what they look like.

Huh?? I do care since I think the way these plugable devices are not
handled optimal, especially from the point if view from the user.

And since you say it's simple by just make the call, can you just
describe what to do to make a plugable device like the UD-160-A/M turn
into a dockingstation?

> I'm not sure Lennart agreed that the first one should be a docking
> stating and every other an extra seat. I mean the devices are varied.
> Some are marketed as docking stations, others as seats and it's likely
> best to treat them like that regardless of how many you plug in. After
> the initial defaults, then the udev rules should be able to override that.

Huh?? If this maillist is only what Lennart agrees with  I stop here direct.
I've given the example about a specific situation a user wants to use
a plugable device like UD-160-A/M as a docking station (thus as
UD-160-A) in stead of an extra seat (thus as UD-160-M). If the user
wants to do that the handling of these devices should be flexible
enough to make that work. And in my opinion this is not the case right

This example was just an example, and not intended as general policy.

And about serial numbers? I cannot find these. Sorry.

> I think udev is the right place personally. Having some separate system
> to do this seems incorrect and counter intuitive to me.

As I see it is that right now there is no way to change the defaults
set by udev (see above). What udev of course has to do is group these
devices, and not from the start point devices as being a seat. See
above: how to set another role than an extra seat for a device?

In my opinion, when a device like the UD-160-M/A is detected, and an
admin user is logged in, that user should get a screen with a choice
what to do with that device. Depending on what he/she chooses, the
tags are set.

Right now this is all handled by udev. You cannot make udev  start a
gui, and wait for outcome.

If the user chooses a docking station, the tags like "ID_FOR_SEAT" and
"ID_AUTOSEAT" have to be removed (cause it's not a seat!) and replaced
by something like "ID_DOCK" or something simular.

This is not very handy isn't it?


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