[systemd-devel] How to debug crash of systemd

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Wed Feb 13 00:19:35 PST 2013

在 2013年2月13日星期三,Lennart Poettering 写道:

> On Tue, 12.02.13 13:43, cee1 (fykcee1 at gmail.com <javascript:;>) wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > systemd will call crash() if received fatal signals. It will produce a
> > core dump for analysis.
> > However, it seems signal handler has a separated stack, so can't back
> > trace the place where exactly the fatal signal triggered.
> Nowadays gdb should be good enough to follow the stack trace further up
> than just the signal handler. Which arch is this? If it's not x86 this
> sounds like something to fix in gdb for that arch. I have multiple times
> used the coredumps and they always worked fine, and where not confused
> by the signal stack...

It's on a mips machine, seems I have to figure it out manually.
Thanks for the advices.

-- cee1


- cee1
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