[systemd-devel] Human relationships...

Dennis Semakin insane79 at yandex.ru
Fri Feb 22 01:37:17 PST 2013

Hello everybody.
Hi Lennart.

Since I was watching and looking at the diagrams which is building by my application... it shows 
the depending of any objects to each other.
I catch myself for one though... 
systemd's units build some bounds, like a humans.
I mean each of us can be 'WantsBy' somebody
can be 'Conflict', can be 'Wants' by someone,
can be 'Require'... all of us have the 'Target's... and so on.

It look like human relationships... I think.

Q: What was your philosophy when you start to think about systemd?

Thank you.
All thoughts are welcome.

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