[systemd-devel] It's really nice when dbus crash on a +systemd...

Holger Winkelmann hw at travelping.com
Sun Jan 27 13:45:29 PST 2013

Hey, i always thought systemd is Using dbus Messaging but not rely or depends on the DBUS daemon? Why a crash has such
An impact on a system? 

Is it because of the desktop is started this way or because the communications is broken totally?

Many thanks for advise.


Holger Winkelmann
Travelping GmbH

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On 27.01.2013, at 22:39, "Francesco Riosa (Google+)" <noreply-1feb779d at plus.google.com> wrote:

> It's really nice when dbus crash on a +systemd started system, the desktop (kde) obviously is broken but you loose the console too.
> Why? because system start them on demand, but cannot work w/o dbus so Ctrl+Alt+F2 bring you to nowhere ...
> Ctrl+Alt+Canc? No way systemd is locked
> Solution? Hard reboot, if the kernel is compiled with some magic press Ctrl+print+S for an emergency sync of the disk, followed by Ctrl+print+B to reboot.
> How it happened? Trying to port the gentoo linux-vserver start scripts,...
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