[systemd-devel] I wanna construct server-client model with systemd option.

Tony Seo tonyseo7 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 29 17:48:52 PDT 2013


I'm Tony.

I have aimed to construct server-client model.

In order to build that mode, I supposed that there was X_server and

I tried to do several time to operate that model properly, but I have
failed to do that operation.

In my view, I need to edit my service option which have been used for
execution , but I'm not accustomed to using service option and confused a
few option related with execution like "Type="and "Execstart=".

I would suppose the procedure to successfully do that.

1. X_server should start first.

2. After X_server finished the start-up process, but it keeps it's
activated state, A_client start and connect to X_server.

What should I do something to build a procedure like above and what should
I use options to operate that scheme properly?

Consequently, I wonder what kind of thing will be used to make that

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