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Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Fri Mar 8 00:18:37 PST 2013

Am 08.03.2013 06:31, schrieb Holger Winkelmann:
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>> Hey!
>> Finally, here's 198, with many big changes:
>>         * Resource limits (as exposed by the various control group
>>           controllers) can now be controlled dynamically at runtime
>>           for all units. More specifically, you can now use a command
>>           like "systemctl set-cgroup-attr foobar.service cpu.shares
>>           2000" to alter the CPU shares a specific service gets. These
>>           settings are stored persistently on disk, and thus allow the
>>           administrator to easily adjust the resource usage of
>>           services with a few simple commands. This dynamic resource
>>           management logic is also available to other programs via the
>>           bus. Almost any kernel cgroup attribute and controller is
>>           supported.
> Can you explain how the settings for a particular units are persistently
> stored. Does systemd write back such values into the particular unit, or
> are they stored somewhere else? The reason why I'm asking is the facts
> that stuff like this strives the configuration management functions of
> a Linux system.

i would say it is NOT the intention to touch the systemd-unit
you have to edit this by yourself, but the dynamic way gives
you a way to get this changes active without restart the service

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