[systemd-devel] bootchart issues on slow hardware

Tollef Fog Heen tfheen at err.no
Mon Mar 18 13:16:53 PDT 2013

]] Reindl Harald 

> but keep in mind that for professional environments for many
> years SSD is no option for some TB of data and even if
> the price falls down you have to calculate redundancy for
> RAID10 environemnts which can not be raplced by a SSD
> due lack of relieability and no real-world expierience
> how long they run and how you detect errors before it is
> too late

SSDs have been used in professional environments for quite some years
now.  Cost is still a problem, at least for large amounts of data.  Data
about reliability is certainly getting there and quite a bit of
knowledge is already present.  RAID10 is only one option, in many cases
you will get way better performance with RAID5 or RAID6 and SSDs than
spinning rust.

Spinning rust still has its place, but not any place you need reasonable
I/O performance.

> SD cards as example are way less relieable than any rotating
> media because for rotating media you get errors, a SD card
> happily confirms write-operations for hours and does not
> change the data on the meda, seen recently that after
> overwirte with /dev/zero and format with any known FS
> after pull out and plugin again the same data as two
> wekks ago was on the card without any single warning or
> error message besides a bricked phone by overheat

SD cards compared to SSDs is about the same as floppy drives compared to
hard drives.  Not particularly relevant.

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