[systemd-devel] [ANNOUNCE] systemd 207

Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
Thu Sep 12 19:16:12 PDT 2013


Many many bugfixes, and some minor new additions.



        * The Restart= option for services now understands a new
          on-watchdog setting, which will restart the service
          automatically if the service stops sending out watchdog keep
          alive messages (as configured with WatchdogSec=).

        * The getty generator (which is responsible for bringing up a
          getty on configured serial consoles) will no longer only
          start a getty on the primary kernel console but on all
          others, too. This makes the order in which console= is
          specified on the kernel command line less important.

        * libsystemd-logind gained a new sd_session_get_vt() call to
          retrieve the VT number of a session.

        * If the option "tries=0" is set for an entry of /etc/crypttab
          its passphrase is queried indefinitely instead of any
          maximum number of tries.

        * If a service with a configure PID file terminates its PID
          file will now be removed automatically if it still exists
          afterwards. This should put an end to stale PID files.

        * systemd-run will now also take relative binary path names
          for execution and no longer insists on absolute paths.

        * InaccessibleDirectories= and ReadOnlyDirectories= now take
          paths that are optionally prefixed with "-" to indicate that
          it should not be considered a failure if they don't exist.

        * journalctl -o (and similar commands) now understands a new
          output mode "short-precise", it is similar to "short" but
          shows timestamps with usec accuracy.

        * The option "discard" (as known from Debian) is now
          synonymous to "allow-discards" in /etc/crypttab. In fact,
          the latter is preferred now (since it is easier to remember
          and type).

        * Some licensing clean-ups were made, so that more code is now
          LGPL-2.1 licensed than before.

        * A minimal tool to save/restore the display backlight
          brightness across reboots has been added. It will store the
          backlight setting as late as possible at shutdown, and
          restore it as early as possible during reboot.

        * A logic to automatically discover and enable home and swap
          partitions on GPT disks has been added. With this in place
          /etc/fstab becomes optional for many setups as systemd can
          discover certain partitions located on the root disk
          automatically. Home partitions are recognized under their
          GPT type ID 933ac7e12eb44f13b8440e14e2aef915. Swap
          partitions are recognized under their GPT type ID

        * systemd will no longer pass any environment from the kernel
          or initrd to system services. If you want to set an
          environment for all services, do so via the kernel command
          line systemd.setenv= assignment.

        * The systemd-sysctl tool no longer natively reads the
          file /etc/sysctl.conf. If desired, the file should be
          symlinked from /etc/sysctl.d/99-sysctl.conf. Apart from
          providing legacy support by a symlink rather than built-in
          code, it also makes the otherwise hidden order of application
          of the different files visible.

        * The "systemctl set-log-level" and "systemctl dump" commands
          have been moved to systemd-analyze.

        * systemd-run learned the new --remain-after-exit switch,
          which causes the scope unit not to be cleaned up
          automatically after the process terminated.

        * tmpfiles learned a new --exclude-prefix= switch to exclude
          certain paths from operation.

        * journald will now automatically flush all messages to disk
          as soon as a message of the log priorities CRIT, ALERT or
          EMERG is received.

        Contributions from: Andrew Cook, Brandon Philips, Christian
        Hesse, Christoph Junghans, Colin Walters, Daniel Schaal,
        Daniel Wallace, Dave Reisner, David Herrmann, Gao feng, George
        McCollister, Giovanni Campagna, Hannes Reinecke, Harald Hoyer,
        Herczeg Zsolt, Holger Hans Peter Freyther, Jan Engelhardt,
        Jesper Larsen, Kay Sievers, Khem Raj, Lennart Poettering,
        Lukas Nykryn, Maciej Wereski, Mantas Mikulėnas, Marcel
        Holtmann, Martin Pitt, Michael Biebl, Michael Marineau,
        Michael Scherer, Michael Stapelberg, Michal Sekletar, Michał
        Górny, Olivier Brunel, Ondrej Balaz, Ronny Chevalier, Shawn
        Landden, Steven Hiscocks, Thomas Bächler, Thomas Hindoe
        Paaboel Andersen, Tom Gundersen, Umut Tezduyar, WANG Chao,
        William Giokas, Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek


Lennart Poettering - Red Hat, Inc.

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