[systemd-devel] Offline systemd unit file installer

Koen Kooi koen at dominion.thruhere.net
Mon Aug 11 04:19:52 PDT 2014

Op 11 aug. 2014, om 12:47 heeft Lennart Poettering <lennart at poettering.net> het volgende geschreven:

> On Sat, 09.08.14 06:44, Paassen, Hiram van (Hiram.van.Paassen at mastervolt.com) wrote:
>> Am I correct in thinking this only works on systemd enabled host
>> systems or if you cross-compile for the same architecture? So you can
>> use the just compiled version of systemctl?
> Well, what do you expect? I mean, you want to run the tool offline, so
> you need to be able to run it on the machine you want to run it offline
> on...
>> Neither of which is the case for us...
>> Am I expected to compile systemd twice in that case, one time as part
>> of the host 'toolchain' and a second for the actual target?  I was
>> rather hoping for something portable like a shell or python script.
> systemd is written in C. Sorry.
> Note that there's no need to the systemctl version to be in sync of the
> image you are putting together and the OS you build it on. The code in
> systemctl has been stable since quite a while now. Most distributions
> should include it, unless you run Slackware or so. But systemd upstream
> is really not the place to work around your weird choice of distro to
> build systemd images from...
> That said, "systemctl enable" just creates a couple of symlinks in
> /etc/systemd/system, you can easily do the equivalent in a handwritten
> shell script.

This is what we did for openembedded:




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