[systemd-devel] Random session bus availability with systemd

tomw tomw at ubilix.com
Mon Aug 11 10:48:39 PDT 2014

> This looks weird. You first become user "xyzuser", then you run sudo
> again, to become "xyzuser"? What's that supposed to do? Why involve
> "sudo" here at all? You could also use PAMName= directly...?

Thanks for your helpful comments. This setup is intended to boot
directly into an application w/o any user interaction and to run the
application w/o root privileges. You're right, either setting User or
using sudo is redundant. Using PAMName would request a password which
isn't suitable in this case.
> Note that systemd this way is not involved in starting the dbus session
> bus, that is supposed to be done by your script "/usr/bin/master"?

It is. However sometimes it happens that some interfaces are not
properly published on the session bus, which used to work before - but
perhaps it is a coincidence with some other changes like moving from
dbus 1.6 to 1.8 - so I'll need to dig deeper there...

tomw <tomw at ubilix.com>

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