[systemd-devel] Is it possible to override dependencies (without resorting to editing files in /lib)

Alastair Scobie ascobie at ed.ac.uk
Tue Aug 26 23:51:17 PDT 2014

Apologies if this isn't the appropriate mailing list to raise this question.

Is there any way to override dependencies without resorting to editing 
files in /lib?

For example, with a stock EL7.0 machine, getty.target is "wanted" by 
multi-user.target through configuration in /lib/systemd. I'd like to 
remove that dependency because I want getty.target to be be "wanted" by 
another target (which will be the default target and itself wants 
multi-user.target). Whilst there is a way to "mask" a unit by linking to 
/dev/null in /etc, there doesn't appear to be a similar way to "mask" a 
"wants" dependency.


Alastair Scobie

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